Coca‑Cola HBC has announced that by 2020 they will be committed to new sustainable objectives aimed at strengthening sustainable business growth and fostering a brighter future.

On 8 September 2016, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) awarded Coca‑Cola HBC the title of beverage industry leader in sustainability for the third consecutive year. Based on the transparency and consistency employed in its sustainability, Coca‑Cola HBC announces new ambitious and sustainable objectives.

By 2020 we aim to:

  • obtain 40% of all the energy that we use from renewable and clean energy sources;
  • regain at least 40% of all the packaging that we send on the market;
  • regain at least 20% of the PET bottles which are made from recycled PET bottles and/or PET bottles made from renewable materials;
  • reduce the quantity of packaging by 25% per one litre of produced beverage;
  • certify more that 95% of our key agricultural ingredients in accordance with the company’s guiding principles on sustainable agriculture;
  • invest at least 2% of our annual pre-tax profit into communities;
  • double the number of our employees who participate in voluntary incentives during working hours to reach 10% of all employees.

As announced last year, these seven new objectives are based on our commitment to reduce our water consumption and direct carbon emissions intensity by 30% or 50% by 2020.
Coca‑Cola HBC has always been committed to sustainability, demonstrating tangible results in that regard. Up until now, we have succeeded in achieving the following:

  • in the last two years, we have reduced the use of water by 2.1 billion litres which equals to one glass of water for every person on the planet;
  • by investing in energy efficient and low-carbon technologies, in the last five years we have reduced the global carbon footprint of our products by 1.07 million tons which is the equivalent of the annual greenhouse gas emissions produced by 200,000 cars;
  • in 2015, we established collaborative partnerships with more than 230 non-governmental organisations and invested 8.2 million euros (2.3% of pre-tax profit) into community well-being, improved environment and water stewardship, and youth development.

We believe that these ambitious objectives reflect our commitment to foster a better future for all.
By intensity, we mean water consumption and direct carbon emissions per litre of produced beverage compared to 2010.