On 17 March 2016, Coca‑Cola HBC AG published its joint annual report for the year 2015 entitled Refreshing business.

The fourth joint annual report of the Coca‑Cola HBC Group offers insights into all aspects of business, management, and sustainability, and proudly presents the outstanding results and achievements of the past year. This year we decided to take our report to the next level by including the sustainable aspects of our joint report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative G4. For the second consecutive year, Coca‑Cola HBC was ranked beverage industry leader by the Dow Jones Sustainably World and Europe Indices which proves that our efforts in the area of sustainable development are well acknowledged.
Our chief executive officer, Dimitris Lois, said: “2015 was marked by a significant improvement in all aspects of our business operation. We added new products to our portfolio to provide greater choice for consumers, improved our customer services, and encouraged the most talented people in our organisation to participate. We strengthened our commitment to making sustainability an organic part of our operations and a driver of growth by improving reporting to which end we have adapted the Global Reporting Initiative G4 and implemented incentives such as Accounting for Sustainable Development."
The Coca‑Cola HBC Group’s objective is to create value for all stakeholders which is supported by the results and effects produced by the activities and relations throughout the entire value chain. In 2015, we:

  • sold 2.1 billion unit cases of beverages and served 594 million consumers;
  • directly employed more than 33,000 people;
  • generated a net profit of 280 million euros;
  • paid 271 million euros of taxes;
  • invested 8.2 million euros in community programmes;
  • performed 6,000 hours of voluntary work;
  • reduced water consumption by 5.5% compared to 2014;
  • reduced CO2 emissions by 14.2% compared to 2014.

Taking a closer look at the three dimensions of sustainable development, the key data for 2015 are:

Economic dimension:

  • 1,070 million euros paid for salaries, contributions and employee taxes;
  • partnering with more than 43,000 suppliers;
  • direct and indirect employment for more than 600,000 people throughout the European value chain.

Environmental dimension:

  • establishment of scientifically verified objectives recognised by the World Resources Institute aimed at reducing carbon emissions (we are one of the first 12 companies worldwide to do so);
  • investing 5.3 million euros in incentives for energy saving and reducing consumption by 375 million mega joules;
  • recycling 91% of waste arising from our business operations.

Social dimension:

  • 2 million euros invested in youth development programmes;
  • 33% of management positions held by women;
  • partnering with more than 230 non-governmental organisations from 28 countries.

Coca‑Cola HBC AG’s joint annual report for the year 2015 entitled Refreshing Business, is available here: http://www.coca-colahellenic.com/investorrelations/annualreports