This remarkable achievement in the non-alcoholic sector fortifies Coca‑Cola HBC’s leading position in the area of sustainability and transparent reporting.

For the fourth consecutive year, Coca‑Cola HBC, the leading bottler of Coca‑Cola Company products, was named the global beverage industry sustainability leader by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices. Thanks to its outstanding performance in the area of sustainable operations in 2016, especially in the field of labour practices, strategies for developing countries, health and nutrition, and environmental protection, the company achieved a total score of 90 which is 38 points higher than the industry average.

During the year, Coca‑Cola HBC was continuously focusing on further reducing its environmental impact and fostering positive changes in collaboration with its partners. In addition, the company was developing a sustainable value chain and supporting activities aimed at improving living conditions in communities.

One of the improvements from the previous years is the reduction of water consumption per litre of produced beverage. In 2016, water consumption was reduced by 3%. In addition, we reduced energy consumption by 5%, meaning that we use less energy to produce one litre of beverage. In the same year, as much as 37% of the total amount of packaging that was put on the market, was recycled.

Coca‑Cola HBC Slovenia also contributed to the unique success with its projects. For the past six years, namely the Slovene branch has been successfully implementing the My River project (Moja reka). The project entails the organisation of clean-up activities of Slovenian rivers, while at the end of the year, the company is planning to kick-start a project for youth development in collaboration with its local partners.

Coca‑Cola HBC services almost 600 million consumers in 28 established, developing and emerging countries on three continents. In 2016, the company invested 7.3 million euros (1.6% of pre-tax profit) in numerous incentives aimed at improving living conditions in the community. At the same time the company puts special emphasis on environmental and water stewardship, and youth development with the help of more than 294 non-governmental organisations.

Key performance indicators:

  • 31,083 employees
  • 35,000 suppliers in the value chain
  • 3.1 billion euros spent on suppliers
  • 281 million euros total taxes paid
  • 6% direct carbon emissions reduction year-on-year
  • Water waste per litre of beverage produced declined by 33% year-on-year
  • 88% sustainable employee engagement score


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